Time to get Reel for Mother Earth

Client – Reel Earth Film Festival, Wellington, NZ

Sector –  The Arts, Environmental Education

Media – Festival Branding, Logo Design, Poster Design, Festival Tee Shirt

Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival is New Zealand’s only film festival that gives a big high five for Mother Nature, specifically supporting the environment. The festival presents entertaining and thought provoking documentaries. From marine conservation, the health of our rivers, the evolution of animal rights, the dark side of fast fashion, to polarising topics of GMO food, and award winning films on climate change, Reel Earth covers it all.
It was important to give Reel Earth a fresh and playful visual platform, planting seeds of positive hope, inspiring future festival goers to come and see more! We created a festival icon, a jolly black bird as our central character, singing splashes of primary colours and jubilant speech bubbles. The digital platform presented over 30 films, in a simple, no nonsense art direction, showing a trailer, giving in-depth background about the film's creators and organisations the films supported.

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