Second Life

Client – Second Life Shoes, USA.

Sector – Adventure Apparel.

Media – Product Design, Social Enterprise Strategy, Brand Identity.

Welcome to Second Life. A robust adventure sandal with a social enterprise sole - buy a pair of shoes and a refugee gets a pair free is Second Life’s pièce de résistance. A fresh strategy to bring the plight of thousands of refugees into consumers' consciousness. And a push for more social innovation - parents have the opportunity to trade in an old pair for a new pair. With a percentage off. Old pairs get up cycled, refurbished and donated to benefactors - refugees.
A brand vibe was envisioned as fresh and lively as the shoes themselves. Happy colours and soulful fonts to entertain the eco-inspired early adopters. A supporting strap line "Gummy Bears for your feet" which encapsulates the shoes robust playfulness. Goofy animals and singing mountains of positive warmth, brought Second Life … to life!

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On 22 February 2011, Christchurch City experienced New Zealand’s most impactful earthquake. It rocked the city, its residents, and its businesses. The insurance sector didn’t get unscathed either. Tony Mounce had been giving his clients the best insurance service for over 20 years. Unfortunately for Tony, the earthquake meant most of his clients had left, or were thinking of leaving the city. Tony had a big decision to make, to either close shop or rebrand and rescale his business. He chose the latter.

Golden Farm Drinks

Organic Summer Love in a bottle

Capturing the essence of the organic farm was the foundation for Bickford's Golden Farm organic juices. We proposed a portrait style art direction. A romantic family story. Children. Nature. Sunshine. The virtues of a simple life, embedded in the roots of Mother Earth's blessings


Honolulu Calling

HOMA is a unique gathering place where art, history, and Hawaiian culture converge, right in the heart of Honolulu. The surf film festival is held annually, elevating the island’s rich surfing history of a proud ocean-sports culture.