Riding for Freedom

Client- Freedom Seekers

Sector – X Sports. Adventure. Fashion. Social Enterprise

Media – Brand Activation, Creative Strategy, Campaign Art Direction.

Freedom Seekers is a fresh start-up on a mission to innovate the donor-charity experience. Partnering with charities who are addressing armed conflict, natural disasters, or climate change, Freedom Seekers throw themselves into the deep end, turning heavy issues into positive fundraising experiences and X Sports events to raise the roof!  Energizing a future market of early adopters, 5 - 16 yrs, an audacious fundraising event is launched. Attracting top-level teams of skateboarders to ride 5,432km, visiting schools, as they traverse through 10 countries. A mission to raise money and celebrate the welfare of war orphans and families from Ukraine, Turkey, Libya, and Syria.
A  crowdfunding strategy is adopted to increase donor revenue. Fans have the opportunity to donate and purchase  branded apparel, supplied in partnership with Boden, the eclectic quality London fashion brand. Transforming the brand's mission statement "Celebrating Freedom!" into a lively brand platform - a fresh color pallet, street-style typefaces, curveball copy lines, and eclectic advertising. A unique brand icon is created called Freedom! An endearing and humorous piggy character. Who adopts the persona of a cheeky teenager with too much energy, who can skate, surf, do tricks and fly! Supporting the mantra "If freedom is coming to the world, piggies must fly!"

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