High Voltage Creativity

Client – Red Chile Climbing, Spain

Sector – Adventure

Media – Digital, Campaign Art Direction, Branding Strategy, Print Advertising

Red Chilli is the eminent Spanish climbing shoe company born out of frustration about poor quality and late delivery of gear delivered from the USA. While drinking Rioja and listening to the Red Hot Chilies Peppers, the founders had a vision! “Why don’t we fu***** start making own fu***** climbing gear?!! Who knows better than what Spanish climbers need? Then ourselves?
After waking up the next morning, the first ting the saw, soaked in red wine written on their napkin were the words Red Chilli. In a pretty short time the brand was established and gained status making bomb proof climbing equipment. 20 years on they’re not perfect, but they’re a pretty bloody great brand to work with. We’ve tried emulate their brand vibe. With clean graphics, standout type, ballsy copy lines, and a no nonsense art direction. I hope you like it.

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