Fresh Face of Education

Client – Raffles Design School, Singapore.

Sector – Education.

Media – Campaign Art Direction, Branding Strategy, Print Advertising, Copy Writing.

When the best private tertiary education providers knock on your door, to deliver a fresh brand that speaks to their key market, we were ready to be challenged and create a punchy animal, with a colourful kick and individual voice.

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NZSO Shed Series 1

Juxtapose Shed Series

Classic meets contemporary art direction, created for NZSO’s Shed Series. A six part series featuring artists, from the world of contemporary music of Frank Zappa, Radio He’d, and Pink Floyd, juxtapose with classic composers of Mozart.

BICI Easy Route Finder

Easy Route Finder

Biker friends wanted us to create the bones of a new app - BICI's Easy Route Finder. What's distinctive about BICI's fresh map-based app. is that it gave urban riders information that made their journey enjoyable or a real challenge, such as by-passing heavy traffic, avoiding a street festival, and last-minute road repairs.

Paddy Pallin Posters

Spring has Sprung!

Born from Australia’s greatest cross-country ski race, the name Paddy Pallin that has given a generation of faithful service in the great outdoors. The brand mission strives to elevate conservation of the natural environment for future generations, and the animals and plants that inhabit it.