Organic Summer Love in a bottle

Client – Bickford Drinks, Australia.

Sector – Health Drink, Hospitality.

Media – Label Design, Packaging, Photo Art Direction.

Capturing the essence of the organic farm was the foundation for Bickford's Golden Farm organic juices. We proposed a portrait style art direction. A romantic family story. Children. Nature. Sunshine. The virtues of a simple life, embedded in the roots of Mother Earth's blessings

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Highline Fest

Getting High on the Line!

Client – eMontana High Line Festival, Prague, Czech Republic. Sector –  Adventure Sports, Tourism, Heritage. Media – Festival Branding, Logo, Photo Art Direction, Poster Design, Promotional Design.

NZSO Shed Series 1

Juxtapose Shed Series

Classic meets contemporary art direction, created for NZSO’s Shed Series. A six part series featuring artists, from the world of contemporary music of Frank Zappa, Radio He’d, and Pink Floyd, juxtapose with classic composers of Mozart.

BICI Easy Route Finder

Easy Route Finder

Biker friends wanted us to create the bones of a new app - BICI's Easy Route Finder. What's distinctive about BICI's fresh map-based app. is that it gave urban riders information that made their journey enjoyable or a real challenge, such as by-passing heavy traffic, avoiding a street festival, and last-minute road repairs.