Juxtapose Shed Series

Client – New Zealand Symphonic Orchestra

Sector – The Arts

Media – Poster Design

Classic meets contemporary art direction, created for NZSO’s Shed Series. A six part series featuring artists, from the world of contemporary music of Frank Zappa, Radio He’d, and Pink Floyd, juxtapose with classic composers of Mozart.

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Contemplation of a Terror Attack

In 2019, 51 people were murdered and injured 40 others during New Zealand's worst terror attack. The horror shook the world and it deeply shook our designers. Heartfelt feelings and outpouring of love and compassion sang proudly through the Wellington

Carl Hansen

Every piece comes with a story

Design company Carl Hansen & Søn is a third-generation family-run Danish business, making premium furniture that are described as objects of refined desire. Timeless beauty, comfort, craftsmanship, and sustainability are deeply ingrained in the furniture works, that only sight and touch are required to understand and fall in love with them.

Ice Breker

Running High

Icebreaker NZ producers natural merino wool apparel, with ultimate comfort and performance for outdoor adventures. Ice Breaker has a clean, steadfast, and strong brand look and feel, which represents the heart and soul of the Kiwi adventurous spirit.