Love Birds of the Long White Cloud

Client – Forest & Bird, New Zealand

Sector – Environmental Education

Media – Publication Design, Illustration

Elevating Aotearoa's endangered bird species to life, through a series of illustrations for the Ornithology Magazine - an editorial proposal for Forest & Bird, New Zealand. The creative vibe was influenced by the delightful work of Charlie Harper, the American Modernist artist. He was best known for his highly stylized and exquisite.wildlife works of art.

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Bringing a little bit of Earth Mother Love!

Enviroschools is an fresh-thinking, environmental action based programme where young Kiwis are empowered to design and lead sustainability projects in their schools, neighbourhoods and community.

Sydney 2030

Sustainable 2030

Bringing science alive for one of.Australia’s most sustainable focused councils - the City of Sydney. The brief was to elevate the council’s sustainable mission for 8 core energy sectors for 2030.

Crust Bikes

Crazy love for the two-wheel steed.

Crust were born in the MidSouth, where dirt tracks are plentiful. Bicycles are asking to be ridden recklessly hard and fast, in the depths of Mother Nature’s back garden. This is the signature of Crust’s bicycles. Mention Crust Bikes to any devout steel bike enthusiast, they will look far into the distance and drool. Their vacant stare will infuse ideas of ultimate crafted, dirt-drop, hand-made bicycles.