Illuminating the City of Christchurch

Client – University of Canterbury,, Christchurch City Council
Sector – The Arts. Science Communication
Media – Interactive Sculpture, Performance Art.

Lunatica is a graceful and interactive physical installation to move the heart, inspire the mind and capture the imagination! Put forward to the Christchurch City Council in 2023, as an interactive work of art of international standing, to celebrate our connection to nature and raise awareness about important issues relating to climate change. Lunatica is 350 Emperor Penguins sculpture-forms, situated in the city precinct and the region's unique environments, the parks, rivers, forests, hills, and beaches surrounding the city. Lunartica brings the community together to spark conversations and themes of our time, such as resilience, climate change and our impact on the environment. The installation also touches on the city's past, the Christchurch’s earthquake, which on 22 February 2011, devastated the region, but laid the ground for a new beginning.
Lunartica represents one of nature’s unique hero species, the beautiful Emperor Penguin. An iconic species who represents the very essence of resilience. Being able to stand strong together in turbulent times. Strong narratives which reflect the turbulent times humans are living in today. Lunartica forms are vacuum-formed, up-cycled out of 350 up-cycled plastic bottles. 350 being the pivotal atmospheric number 350 ppm (350 parts per million) the ‘safe’ level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, scientists, climate experts, and government officials can agree on. To go beyond this number, risks triggering a tipping point and irreversible impacts that could send climate change spinning beyond our control. Lunartica is a joint concept project, a collaborative work from its founder Paul, the University of Canterbury and the movement, who have worked diligently to fight climate change on a local and international level, tirelessly pushing the narrative with the mainstream media and in the seats of congress, to inspire change and create a just and healthy future for all.

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