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Client – Various

Media – Graphic Design, Ideation

Throughout the years we’ve branded an array of fresh and funky businesses, and unique and loveable organisations. Always striving to bring out a unique vibe, which represented the heart and soul of our client’s business.

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Crust Bikes

Crazy love for the two-wheel steed.

Crust were born in the MidSouth, where dirt tracks are plentiful. Bicycles are asking to be ridden recklessly hard and fast, in the depths of Mother Nature’s back garden. This is the signature of Crust’s bicycles. Mention Crust Bikes to any devout steel bike enthusiast, they will look far into the distance and drool. Their vacant stare will infuse ideas of ultimate crafted, dirt-drop, hand-made bicycles.

NZSO Shed Series 1

Juxtapose Shed Series

Classic meets contemporary art direction, created for NZSO’s Shed Series. A six part series featuring artists, from the world of contemporary music of Frank Zappa, Radio He’d, and Pink Floyd, juxtapose with classic composers of Mozart.