Getting High on the Line!

Client – eMontana High Line Festival, Prague, Czech Republic.
Sector –  Adventure Sports, Tourism, Heritage.
Media – Festival Branding, Logo, Photo Art Direction, Poster Design, Promotional Design.

Based in the Czech/German border area, the birthplace of European climbing, eMontana promotes Europe’s premier mountain sports event of high lining. eMontana has a bold philosophy - getting more people into the outdoors, having fun, keeping active, through the spirit of high lining. A challenging sport, walking unassisted on a ‘slackline’ rope at an elevation above the ground or water. Considered the pinnacle of mountain sport. Reflecting the essence of the sport and its community, eMontana wanted an fun and lively promotion that represented the sport and future events. Covid had tarnished the Czech adventure-sports calendar.
The event was created to kick start tourism and investment into the community and promote the community facing sports. I first created a fun logo, reflecting a fun, bold and agile character, the eMontana high-liner athlete. Next, bold graphics were created applied to an old school 70’s screen print style. Slap graphics, bold typography, shapes and bright colours, juxtaposed to hard urban landscape images. Creative outlay was applied to an array of collateral, promoting a fun community-inspired event eMontana hopes to grow to a National event.

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On 22 February 2011, Christchurch City experienced New Zealand’s most impactful earthquake. It rocked the city, its residents, and its businesses. The insurance sector didn’t get unscathed either. Tony Mounce had been giving his clients the best insurance service for over 20 years. Unfortunately for Tony, the earthquake meant most of his clients had left, or were thinking of leaving the city. Tony had a big decision to make, to either close shop or rebrand and rescale his business. He chose the latter.

Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors

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NZSO Shed Series 1

Juxtapose Shed Series

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