Client – GOFA.NZ, New Zealand

Sector – Insurance

Media – Full Media Campaign

On 22 February 2011, Christchurch City experienced New Zealand’s most impactful earthquake. It rocked the city, its residents, and its businesses. The insurance sector didn’t get unscathed either. Tony Mounce had been giving his clients the best insurance service for over 20 years. Unfortunately for Tony, the earthquake meant most of his clients had left, or were thinking of leaving the city. Tony had a big decision to make, to either close shop or rebrand and rescale his business. He chose the latter.
A rebrand was the perfect opportunity to look at his industry with a fresh perspective. Research illustrated New Zealand demographics had changed. They were younger. A higher percentage were Asian, and the market had moved on-line. Even the more traditional customers were shopping digitally. Proof Tony needed a fresh and radical approach to his branding. Welcome GOFA.NZ. Your Special Agents in Mortgages & Insurance. A loveable character with a side kick, a cheeky bird. GOFA rarely lets you down. He is highly dexterous, and delivers what you need in a matter of minutes.

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